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The worldwide first measurable and reproducible method of hoof trimming to bring the horse completely into its natural balance.


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What is F-Balance®?

F-Balance® is a new concept in hoof trimming and the only measurable & reproducible method in the world to bring the horse back to its individual & natural balance. This is the key to a healthy & powerful horse.

What does F-Balance® really change on the horse?

What does F-Balance® really change on the horse?

The following will change after the horse's hooves have been trimmed with F-Balance®...

  • The horse finally comes into its individual and natural body balance.
  • The performance of the horse increases.
  • Existing muscular tensions will disappear step by step.
  • Increased resistance to foot injury, leading to fewer injuries and lower veterinary costs.
  • The pain decreases and the horse takes a comfortable posture.



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What our customers say...

A new approach: you do what the horse needs. The results clearly speak for themselves. Since I have been trimming horses with this technique, I have had the positions under control and with excellent results.

Jeannette M. (Deutschland)

The biggest difficulty was to change my mentality, but with enough practice, my quality of work has improved a lot. I went from wanting to impose my wishes to only meeting the horse's needs.

Luis D. (México)

After only 2 weeks, almost all of my horse's ailments have disappeared. Unfortunately, there is no one near me who works with this concept. Keep up the good work you are doing!

Sarah L. (Canada)