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Hoofcare Method

The worldwide first measurable and reproducible method of hoof trimming to bring the horse completely into its natural balance.

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What is F-Balance?

F-Balance is a new concept in hoof trimming and the only measurable & reproducible method in the world to bring the horse back to its individual & natural balance. This is the key to a healthy & powerful horse.

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What does F-Balance really change on the horse?

The following will change after the horse's hooves have been trimmed with F-Balance...

  • The horse finally comes into its individual and natural body balance.

  • The performance of the horse increases

  • Existing muscular tensions will disappear step by step

  • Higher resistance against hoof diseases

  • The pain decreases and the horse takes a comfortable posture.


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Our Testimonials

The new approach: We do what the horse needs, spoke to me from the beginning and the results speak for themselves.

The biggest difficulty was the shift in thinking, but with enough practice my quality of work has improved significantly.

After only 2 weeks almost all symptoms of my horse have disappeared. Unfortunately, there is nobody near me who works with it.