F-Balance Concept

What is the F-Balance concept?

It is the only measurable and reproducible method of hoof processing


The F-Balance concept is a new concept in hoof processing, which has been oriented to natural reference points of the hoof and precisely measurable and reproducible. By considering the flexibility of the hooves, the hoof can be brought back into its individual balance.


F-Balance = The consideration of the functional sole in combination with the longitudinal flexibility.

The combination of the functional sole with the longitudinal flexibility of the hoof revolutionizes horse podology worldwide, because only in this way each hoof and the horse as a whole can be perfectly balanced.

1. Functional sole

It is the sole that marks a dividing line between what belongs to the hoof and what has grown.  This is a natural factor on the hoof that stands for level 0 "zero".

A correct evaluation of the functional sole without the simultaneous consideration of the longitudinal flexibility of the horn capsule is not possible.

2. Longitudinal flexibility

The longitudinal flexibility is a natural feature of the hoof. This is possible because it is open at its rear part, between the heels, and closed at the toe.

This flexibility enables the distribution of the weight on uneven ground, without the joints, tendons, or and ligaments of the limbs to overload.

Since I began observing the longitudinal flexibility of the hoof in 1999, my life has changed forever. Since then I could not go back to the traditional methods. Really never again!
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Daniel Anz

Founder of F-Balance